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LTD Agrotech Consult

We offer:
- full range of modern equipment for pig and poultry farms - raising complexes.
We offer:
- full range of modern equipment from well known European manufactures;
- turn key projects in the field of the modernization of existing pig farms - raising complexes;
- equipment for pigsty: farrowing crates, gestation confine and free access stalls, penning for weaners and finishers, piglet rearing and finishing; slatted floors, plastic panels, wet and dry feeders, drinking bowls and accessories for watering in pig houses.
- slatted floor systems, pipe systems for pig manure, valves for manure, dry feed transport systems , ventilation/microclimate systems for livestock houses
-full product range of pumps and mixers for slurry treatment systems (for reception and holding tanks)
- equipment for cleaning and disinfection in pig houses (Stadiko).

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Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev
Address: 04212, Ukraine, Timoshenko str.1-E, of.32.
Phone: + 380 (067) 246-10-20
Fax: + 380 (044) 419-41-63
URL address: http://www.agrotex.com.ua
Contact person: Klivadenko Andrey
Position: General manager

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